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Harassing Men On Hinge

Hello everyone! Because this was my last blog post I decided I’d get back on the dating apps and have some fun. Hopefully, no one took me seriously, but if they did, well it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyways. If you didn’t how Hinge works, it’s not like a swiping app because you have […]

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Process Post: Week 11

This week I thought about my blog posts and I suppose the general theme my blog has versus what I thought it was going to be like. I’ve noticed that my blog posts tend to be more advice related rather than experiences or stories. At first I questioned why that was, then I remembered that […]

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The Different Guys You Find On Dating Apps

Online dating has become increasingly popular and many people can say that they’ve tried it. Although there are many people on dating apps, I have noticed trends in terms of men online. If you’ve tried online dating I’m sure you’ve found these men too! The CatfishSometimes it’s extremely clear that you’re dealing with a catfish […]

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Process Post: Week 10

This week I read my third peer review from Angelika and I found it really helpful! Overall she found my blog easy to navigate, well balanced, and liked how I designed my homepage. The two things she said I could improve upon are my About page and linking to my other forms of social media. […]

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A Guide To The Dating Apps

This week I will be giving the girls tips on how to navigate each dating app. This is what I’ve noticed works for me and general things I’ve seen while on the apps. It’s important to note that each app could be used as either a hook up or dating app. It depends on the […]

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Peer Review Three

For my third peer review I will be reviewing Angelika’s blog which is on cooking traditional Russian dishes. Overall, Angelika’s blog is easy to navigate, organized, and visually pleasing. One thing of the things I would change although is I would rearrange the order of categories in the menu. I would put the “video recipes” […]

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Process Post: Week 9

This week’s lecture was really interesting and what Trevor Battye said definitely made me think about how I wanted to monetize my blog. I looked at my insights and I had approximately 200 page views, so I’m very far off from making a significant amount of money off my blog. Because my page views were […]

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You Should Never Ignore Green Flags

Last week I wrote about my experiences with three different men and the red flags I encountered in each situation. This week I thought I would remix things a bit and write about green flags I noticed in three other situations with three different men. Often times people only focus on the red flags, but […]